Tamper Evident Tubing

Tamper Evident SealsUniq Seal offers seamless tamper evident tubing film material from 15mmLF to over 400mmLF sizes. The material comes with a good gauge and lay flat control for either manual or high speed machine applications.

For manual operations we supply precut bands or preformed material.  The tubing film comes in a clear unprinted or any color in the Pantone system impregnated.  This material can be printed one or two colors on each side and also can be pre-perforated with a vertical perforation.

The material also comes in three substrates; PVC, PETG and PLA.  At this moment Uniq Seal is the only manufacturer of seamless tubing of PLA substrate.  PLA is made of primarily a corn oil derivative and offers high level of the sustainable material sourcing.  One other feature of clear tubing is that it can be extruded with UV glow material for direction on the manufacturing line for quality assurance.





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