Uniq Packaging Solutions

Uniq Seal packaging solutions come in a wide variety of configurations and line speeds. Our easy to use operation systems are custom tailored to your needs, and we supply engineering support to your specifications. All of our systems are designed for high volume and high speed production lines, and use single-phase, energy efficient components to lower you energy consumption costs.


Why pick us?

Uniq Seal started the heat shrink tamperband company in 1997 and we offer the most economical tamperband in the marketplace.

  • Uniq Seal prices are very competitive.
  • Uniq Seal has a track record of consistency in quality.
  • Uniq Seal has friendly customer service and support.
  • Uniq Seal strives to deliver excellence.
  • Uniq Seal has over 25 years on the tamperband industry.
  • Uniq Seal tailors specific dimensions to any need.
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