Uniq Seal is a minority and woman owned company and a member of PMMI and is ISO 9001 Certified

Uniq Seal is your factory direct supplier of high quality and affordable packaging products and solutions. Established in 1997, we specialize and manufacture the world’s leading heat shrink for tamper evident sleeving machines, L-Type sealers and side-seal Machines.

Uniq Seal material is used on such machines as Krones, PDC, Intersleeve, Scheidegger, NAFM, and Axon to name a few.

Uniq Seal is a full service Heat Shrink tamperband supplier. We participate in design engineering of the tamperbanding requirements; we write a recommended specification of the tamperband based on the cap size, bottleneck configuration and the type of application machines.

We support all logistics requirements from our supply warehouses in California and New Jersey. We warehouse a 2-3 month inventory of the most popular items, and ship according to the manufacturing plant releases within 48 hours.

Our Mission: We Stand Behind Our Products

Our experience and knowledge have allowed us to supply the least expensive tamperband, high quality tamperband, and offer safety and attractive appearance on our customer’s products.

Heat Shrink Films

We also manufacture and supply high yield and trouble free heat shrink films for tamper seal tubing (PVC, PETG, PLA) and Polyolefin over wrap film.

Heat Shrink Experts

  • Design Engineering with our Customer
  • Recommendations for Desired Specifications
  • Logistics and Support
  • Samples for Testing
  • Green Alternatives

Member PMMI

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